Sending My Love --using the pressure sensitive conductive plastic and LED sticker

Hi, crafty friends!

Fall is full swing now. The air is clear and the sky is getting high!
I made two shy mice scene in the card.  

I hope you feel quiet and warm air from my card.

Have you picked the pressure sensitive conductive plastic for your project?

It is a wonderful material for making DIY pressure sensors. 
You can add a fade in and fade out effect to your project. 
It's an easy and fun technique, you can enjoy it just by putting a piece of this sheet between the paper switch and the battery! 
I am sharing my project. When I press the sentiment his apple glow and then her berries shine.


・Top panel; 4.25x5.5 inch  ;I made a background on this panel.
I smashed some ink on the plastic sheet and add the mist with sprayer then put the watercolor paper there. 
I learned this technique in the online class by Jenn Shurkus. 
・Circuit panel; 4.25x5.5 inch
・Card base; 4.25x11 inch 
・Battery folder; I used the foam core board 3mm thick, made a hole for the battery
・Copy paper; I used this for the flap of the switch
LED stickers; Red and white
・Cell battery CR 2025
・Two mice parts from BB Harvest Mouse ;My Favorite Things
・Foam strip tape; thickness 3mm


This circuit is very simple. I connect the positive side of the battery and the positive pads of the lights. Then I connect the negative side of the battery and the negative pads of the lights.  That's all!

I made the switch flap with the copy paper. 
I stick it on the backside of the top panel when I assembled them. So the flap does not need to be thick.

I added the conductive fabric tape on the contact point of the switch. 
They can help to make the nice connection of the circuit and battery.

When you press on this material, the resistance goes down depending on how hard you press. So this can make a wonderful effect.
You can check this fade in and fade out effect in below.


I stuck the pressure sensitive plastic sheet on the backside of the battery holder.

I set the battery holder and the stuck the foam strip tape as the guide and the stopper of the battery holder. Then I put the foam strips on the all the edge of the circuit panel.

I set the top panel on the circuit panel. And stick it on the card base.

All done!

I share more projects using this pressure sensitive conductive plastic to you from my past post.

Enjoy making your own scene with this beautiful effect!

Yukiko I.