Heffy Doodle + Chibitronics Collaboration Blog Hop ---Happy Snappy Crocodile Card With Effets Add-on Sticker

Hi everyone! It's Yukiko I.

We have a with Heffy Doodle today!
I chose the Happy Snappy Crocs for today's card. I love this crocodile.
He looks so happy and I can imagine many happy scenes with him.

Today’s TIP for you is how to play with light. I used the Chibitronics effects add-on, it can change the pattern of the lights glowing and makes a great effect on my card.
And I used translucent paper for making the background of the cover panel. When the light turns off the background is just white. And when you light on you can see blinking many colorful lights. Actually, I used only a white LED sticker and the translucent paper makes a unique effect like stained glasses or carnival lights.

When I pull the switch tab……., Yay! The crocodile's birthday party begins! The various color light blinking alternative! Crocodile is snappy happy!


・Paper Neenah #80 solar white
・Cream yellow card stock
・Conductive Fabric Tape
・3V Coin Battery: my recommendation is CR2016
・Foam Tape
・OPP sheet; you can use some clear material of packages 

How to make

1.Prepare the parts
・Die cut the white card stock with Lacy Layers: 2pieces these are for the cover panel and the circuit panel.
・Yellow card stock: 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch  Fold half 
・Stamp the crocodile and the camera images on the cover panel, the circuit panel, and the white paper for making parts.  Color and die cut the parts.
・Stick the transparent paper scraps on the backside of the top panel.
・Die cut the crocodile shape of the top panel. 
・Cover the backside of the hole with the OPP sheet and stick the crocodile parts on the OPP sheet.
・Switch parts:1/2x2/3 inch paper  Fold 1/4(valley), ½(mountain), 1(mountain), 1 ¼(valley)
・Pull tub parts :1/2x3 inch, 2 pieces 

2.Draw the Circuit
・Mark the place of the crocodile shape hole on the circuit panel.
・Set the place of the LED sticker.
・Mark the place of the battery.
・Decide the place od Effect sticker.
・Draw the circuit path. 
First, connect the battery positive side to the effect sticker’s positive pad and the battery negative side to the effect sticker’s negative pad. 
You need to make a slit for the switch on the path between battery and effect sticker. The slit position is on 1/4 inch from the circuit panel edge and the length is 1 1/2 inch width is 1/16 inch. 
Next, draw the first path from the effect sticker to LED starting from the signal pad of the effect sticker and going through the LED sticker positive and negative pad alternatively.
Then the second path starts from the positive pad of the effect sticker and connects the LED positive pad free from the first path.
And the third path starts from the negative pad of the effect sticker and goes through the free negative pad of LED. OK. You can trace the path on the photo showing below. It looks like complicated. But don't be scary, you can track the path and confirm the pathway of electricity. 

3.Make the circuit
・Stick the copper tape on the drawn path.
・Set the double-sided tape on the place of the battery. Stick the copper tape from the slit to battery site and cut about 1 inch left. Peel of the release paper. And turn over the copper tape showing the sticky surface.
・Place the battery on the copper tape with the positive side up.
・Place the battery on the copper tape with the positive side up.
・Stick the copper tape all positive path, signal path, negative path. Be careful not to make a short circuit.
・Set the LED sticker and check it light on when you connect the slit gap with some copper tape scrap.
・Insert the switch part in the slit and confirm the position of the connection and stick the copper tape on the switch.

*****Actually, I challenged use Joo Yeon Lee’s battery holder shown her last post for my card. It’s awesome!  But I’d like to skip to explain that in my post. Please check her blog post and movie how to make the battery holder and make the connection the circuit. She is really amazing. 

4. Assembly
・Set the pull tab parts on the switch both sides.
・Stick the foam tape on the all edge of the circuit panel, except the place of the pull tab.
・Peel of the release paper of the foam tape then set the top panel on the circuit panel.

You did it!!

Yay! I love this adorable and happy crocodile. He looks so happy and I hope that the light makes the happy feeling with him and you!

And I'll show you one more movie. I tried using the foil shield for getting shadow and reflection of light. You can see the difference between two, with and without the foil shield back the crocodile. 
First one is without the shield. Crocodile is translucent. Fantastic!
Second is the with the shield one, the crocodile is in blackout and getting the light reflection around him. It is a kind of mysterious feeling. 

I chose the one without the shield at this time. I'll try to make the other one at another chance.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a happy snappy week!

Yukiko Inami / Nicorin 

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  1. Your alligator is really cute. I like all of his BIG TEETH. And the camera--is he going to take a selfie? So cute.

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